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Krakstorm Escrima/Kali Supplies is switching from retail to / wholesale / Class Teachers and Reseller Customers only!

About Us

Krakstorm's head office and distribution warehouse is based in bonny Scotland, Home of the Brave. With family ties in the Philippines and manufacturing bases in the UK (England) and the Philippines, Krakstorm is an international business and fast becoming the number one source of Martial Arts equipment and accessories.

Krakstorm products are manufactured to the highest attainable standards and are quality checked prior to despatch.  All Krakstorm products from Escrima Sticks, Training Knives, Padded Sticks and Wall Bags through to the Escrima Stick Bags themselves are designed and selected in-house.  These high quality products offer exceptional value for money and are designed to be used rather than for decorative or show purposes.  Krakstorm products are "the fighters choice".

Krakstorm totally understands that each fighter is different!  We are here to service your needs and help you reach the highest standards.  If there is any product you need, contact us with confidence.  We can offer bespoke services and will always make every effort to meet your needs.  We could supply custom length Escrima Sticks for instance or put together a Sensai Kit Bag package to your exact required contents.

Be the best, choose the best, choose Krakstorm.

Regards and train hard,


Raymond Carr

Krakstorm Founder