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Orders and Returns

At Krakstorm, we simply want you to be happy with your purchase.  

Happiness for us is defined as when you (the customer) have received your item and are totally happy with it.  Please do not use something you intend to return as this will prevent our accepting the returns.

Infrequently (but it can happen) something goes wrong.


At Krakstorm we use a number of couriers such as the Royal Mail and TNT.  Whilst these couriers take every care with your delivery, sometimes these can and do get delayed or lost.  The Royal Mail for instance does not consider something to be lost until fifteen (15) days has elapsed.  Please be patient (especially if overseas) but if you feel something has gone astray, please contact us directly.  Krakstorm will not normally refund products (or despatch a replacement) until confirmation of the product being lost by the courier has occured or until a return is received by us.   

Mail order purchasing can be difficult as sometimes the item received is not to your complete satisfaction.  If this happens, we want you to know that we expect you will wish to return it and have it replaced with one that does. This should not cause conflict and we will make every effort to help.  


IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, the following three steps should help correct it.

Step 1) Upon receipt of goods, check them over. If they meet your expectations, all is good. If not go to step 2.

Step 2) If you are unhappy please contact us immediately via e-mail and state why. Please give as much information as possible as to why you are unhappy. We will contact you as soon as we can to discuss the issue. We may ask you to return the item which is explained in Step 3.

Step3) If the item needs to be returned you can either post the item yourself and be refunded the cost or we will provide a returns label.  This will be electronically if you have a printer or by post if not. We expect (as was used to send it to you) that you will use Royal Mail First Class Recorded service or similar traceable service. Krakstorm will not accept that goods have been returned, without conclusive proof of posting/tracking. Krakstorm will reimburse you for this return cost in the event of a manufacturing error for instance but please be aware, we may not reimburse this cost if the item was returned used or deemed to be damaged by a third party for example. Once we receive the goods, we will inspect them and email our findings.  Krakstorm will then repair or replace the goods and send these to you. This additional postage (to send the item back) will be paid by Krakstorm in order to maintain good relations. We trust that our position is understood.

All returns should be sent within a reasonable time period. We deem reasonable to be within fourteen days.

Items must be returned in an unused condition.  We will not issue refunds for used or third party damaged items.  If you do not accept these terms please do not order the goods.  Once ordered, you agree to these terms.


Please return items to Krakstorm

Rpc Trading

8/2 Weatern Harbour Midway




Email address:

Telephone Number: 07453079810


None of the above affects your legal/statutory rights.  We understand the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014